The PM3 Cleanse and Nano Protect - offers a similar level of protection as the PM2 detail but with and added machine stage to cleanse and restore some clarity to the paint work. Exterior glass is also sealed during this package.

Returning customers with a rear sticker are entitled to 15% discount off the PM3 super sealant detail.

From £105

Duration 4-6 hours

  • Rinsed and treated with citrus degreaser to remove any loose contaminants.

  • Wheels cleaned using safe wheel gel inside and out.

  • Washed with ph balanced snow foam.

  • Tar removed from paint work.

  • Paint work clayed to remove bonded contaminants.

  • Washed again using PH balanced snow foam.

  • Hand dried using safe micro fibre drying towels.

  • Paint work cleansed by machine

  • Application of 6 month nano paint protection

  • Chrome and stainless steel polished.

  • Windows polished inside and out.

  • External glass sealed.

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed.

  • Wheels sealed with acrylic sealant.

  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and dressed.

  • Interior, mats and boot vacuumed and dusted.

Extra protection can be added by the application of a nano paintwork sealant, which provides long-lasting and highly effective protection against agressive environmental influences. At the same time, the paint's colour is restored intensively. The special dispersion of siliceous nanoparticles produces an extremely hard, glossy surface on the paint, yeilding long-lasting protection of up to 12 months.