12 Month Nano Paint Protection - from £50

Extra protection can be added by the application of a nano paintwork sealant, which provides long-lasting and highly effective protection against agressive environmental influences.

At the same time, the paint's colour is restored intensively. The special dispersion of siliceous nanoparticles produces an extremely hard, glossy surface on the paint, yeilding long-lasting protection of up to 12 months.

The inorganic silicate layer offers hardness and durability. The organic flourine/carbon layer provides the lotus effect.

Sterile Steam Clean - from £50

Over the past few years we have adapted and mastered our techniques and procedures to encorporate the sterile properties of steam into our interior details.


We use a powerful 150 degrees steam jet with 5 bar of pressure, applied to the surface using ultra soft microfibre towels. This ensures a safe , sterile and intense deep cleaning process with only 5% moisture, which makes it not only ideal for electrical switches, controls and hard to reach areas, but also safe with all other vehicle electrics. We also have the flexibility to decrease the steam intensity for gentle cleaning on delicate surfaces such as plastics and leathers.

Stain Removal

Our excellent stain removal service uses powerful enzymes to break down even the deepest stains from blood, coffee, and vomit, followed up by our steam cleaning procedure.

Leather Care

Properly cleaned, cared for and protected, leather upholstery should last as long as the rest of the cars interior but over time, body oils, perspiration, skin acids and other harmful elements can damage your leather upholstery. That's why leather should be regularly cleaned and protected by a professional.

We have worked on all types of of leather and using our skill, knowledge and quality products we can safely remove ink, dye transfer from jeans and clothing, food and drink spills, make up, fake tan and grease and oil.

Once the leather is clean we apply a protective coating to maintain a new look and feel to your upholstery.

Mould Removal

Mould is a dangerous substance, linked to asthma and upper respiratory issues. Fortunately, the bacteria that mould feeds on cannot survive the high temperatures, which is why our steam cleaning service combined with special non-toxic chemicals can easily and effectively remove mould from seats, carpets, upholstery and other surfaces.