The PM2 Nano sealant - offers scratch resistant protection for 24-30 weeks with outstanding water beading, and again only requires regular washing.

From £75

Duration 3-4 hours

  • Rinsed and treated with citrus degreaser to remove any loose contaminants.

  • Wheels cleaned using safe wheel gel inside and out.

  • Washed with ph balanced snow foam.

  • Tar removed from paint work.

  • Paint work clayed to remove bonded contaminants.

  • Washed again using PH balanced snow foam.

  • Hand dried using safe micro fibre drying towels.

  • Scratch resistant nano wrap sealant applied to all paintwork.

  • Chrome and stainless steel polished.

  • Windows polished inside and out.

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed.

  • Door seals and rubbers cleaned and dressed.

  • Interior, mats and boot vacuumed and dusted.